Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Robert E. Ricklefs 1974 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Joseph N. Riddel 1975 Humanities American Literature
Lynn M. Riddiford 1979 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Walter Bates Rideout 1957 Humanities American Literature
Josephine Carson Rider 1958 Creative Arts Fiction
Lola Ridge 1935 Creative Arts Poetry
Martin Ridge 1965 Humanities U.S. History
Brunilde S. Ridgway 1974 Humanities Classics
Alfred J. Rieber 1965 Humanities Russian History
Jens Rieckmann 1988 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature
David G. Riede 1984 Humanities English Literature
Jonathan Rieder 2015 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Walter Riedweg 2002 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Philip Rieff 1969 Social Sciences Sociology
Rudolf M. Riefstahl 1934 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Jeffrey K. Riegel 1986 Humanities East Asian Studies
Robert E. Riegel 1960 Humanities U.S. History
Meghann Riepenhoff 2018 Creative Arts Photography
Loren H. Rieseberg 2004 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Peter Riesenberg 1964 Humanities Medieval History