Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Percival Everett 2015 Creative Arts Fiction
Thomas E. Everhart 1974 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
C. W. Francis Everitt 1976 Humanities History of Science and Technology
Wilburn J. Eversole 1957 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Kevin Jerome Everson 1996 Creative Arts Photography
William Everson 1949 Creative Arts Poetry
Ray F. Evert 1965 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Peter Everwine 1975 Creative Arts Poetry
José Antonio Évora 1993 Humanities Theatre Arts
Paul P. Ewald 1960 Natural Sciences Physics
Wendy Ewald 2012 Creative Arts Photography
Joseph Ewan 1953 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
John J. Ewel 1985 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Andrew G. Ewing 1999 Natural Sciences Neuroscience
George E. Ewing 1983 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Maurice Ewing 1938 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Maurice Ewing 1939 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Maurice Ewing 1953 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Rodney C. Ewing 2002 Natural Sciences Science Writing
Frederick Exley 1984 Creative Arts Fiction
Richard C. Exner 1967 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature
Gil Eyal 2017 Social Sciences Sociology