Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Peter Schrag 1971 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Victor Schrager 1993 Creative Arts Photography
J. Robert Schrieffer 1966 Natural Sciences Physics
Robert W. Schrier 1986 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Carmel Schrire 1989 Humanities African Studies
Charles Arthur Schroeder 1956 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Walter A. Schroeder 1959 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Bernice Giduz Schubert 1949 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Gerald Schubert 1972 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Wolfgang M. Schubert 1960 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Ronald Schuchard 2006 Humanities English Literature
Peter H. Schuck 1984 Social Sciences Law
Charles Schucker 1953 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Michael S. Schudson 1990 Social Sciences Sociology
Conrad Schuerch 1959 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Gunther A. Schuller 1962 Creative Arts Music Composition
Gunther A. Schuller 1963 Creative Arts Music Composition
Grace Schulman 2004 Creative Arts Poetry
Helen Schulman 2019 Creative Arts Fiction
Ivan A. Schulman 1968 Humanities Spanish and Portuguese Literature
Sarah Schulman 2001 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art