Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Paul Noden West 1962 Humanities English Literature
Rebecca J. West 1985 Humanities Italian Literature
Robert Cooper West 1955 Humanities Latin American Literature
Perry Dickie Westbrook 1953 Humanities American Literature
Peter Westen 1980 Social Sciences Law
Monte Westerfield 2001 Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Peter Talbot Westergaard 1963 Creative Arts Music Composition
Mia Westerlund Roosen 1993 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Bruce Western 2005 Social Sciences Sociology
Richard S. Westfall 1987 Humanities History of Science and Technology
Stephen Westfall 2007 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Frank Henry Westheimer 1962 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Arthur H. Westing 1973 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Robert S. Westman 1976 Humanities History of Science and Technology
Brett Weston 1945 Creative Arts Photography
Christine Weston 1940 Creative Arts Fiction
Edward Weston 1937 Creative Arts Photography
Edward Weston 1938 Creative Arts Photography
Kath Weston 2011 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Randy Weston 2011 Creative Arts Music Composition
Winthrop Wetherbee 1974 Humanities Medieval Literature