Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Donald F. Wetherell 1965 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Harold Edwin Wethey 1949 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Harold Edwin Wethey 1971 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Roger J. B. Wets 1981 Natural Sciences Statistics
Alexandra Wettlaufer 2014 Humanities European and Latin American Literature
John S. Wettlaufer 2010 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Donald Wetzel 1956 Creative Arts Fiction
David Anthony Wevill 1981 Creative Arts Poetry
Alice Wexler 1999 Natural Sciences Science Writing
Allan Wexler 2016 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Kenneth Norman Wexler 1985 Social Sciences Psychology
George Whalley 1967 Humanities English Literature
Dianaruthe Wharton 1990 Creative Arts Music Composition
George Willard Wharton 1950 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Frederick Robert Whatley 1959 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
John C. Wheatley 1954 Natural Sciences Physics
John C. Wheatley 1980 Natural Sciences Physics
Doug Wheeler 1971 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Harry Ernest Wheeler 1957 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Henry Orson Wheeler 1961 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
John Archibald Wheeler 1946 Natural Sciences Physics
John Archibald Wheeler 1949 Natural Sciences Physics
John C. Wheeler 1983 Natural Sciences Chemistry