Fellow Year Category Field of Study
George Antheil 1932 Creative Arts Music Composition
George Antheil 1933 Creative Arts Music Composition
David Antin 1976 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Eleanor Antin 1997 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Mark Antliff 1995 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Stuart S. Antman 1978 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Thomas J. Anton 1967 Social Sciences Political Science
Janine Antoni 2011 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Robert Antoni 2010 Creative Arts Fiction
Theodore Antoniou 1978 Creative Arts Music Composition
Janis Antonovics 1991 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Emil Antonucci 1958 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Donald Antrim 2002 Creative Arts Fiction
Polly E. Apfelbaum 1993 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Rafael Apitz-Castro 1989 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Jean-Marie Apostolidès 1987 Humanities French Literature
Alfred Appel Jr. 1972 Humanities American Literature
Evan H. Appelman 1973 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Max Apple 1986 Creative Arts Fiction
Ida Applebroog 1990 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Joyce Appleby 1994 Humanities U.S. History