Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Etienne Charles 2015 Creative Arts Music Composition
Bruce Charlesworth 2007 Creative Arts Video & Audio
Sarah Charlesworth 1995 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Remy Charlip 2005 Humanities Dance Studies
Jean Charlot 1944 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Jean Charlot 1946 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Jule G. Charney 1972 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Eric L. Charnov 1979 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Rita Charon 2002 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
William Charvat 1943 Social Sciences American Literature
Andrew F. Charwat 1962 Natural Sciences Engineering
Jerome Charyn 1982 Creative Arts Fiction
Eric Chasalow 1986 Creative Arts Music Composition
Alison B. Chase 1980 Creative Arts Choreography
Joan L. Chase 1990 Creative Arts Fiction
Richard V. Chase 1947 Humanities Literary Criticism
Richard V. Chase 1962 Humanities Literary Criticism
Miguel Chase-Sardi 1971 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Alexandra Chasin 2019 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Robert L. Chasson 1962 Natural Sciences Physics
Seymour Chatman 1969 Humanities Literary Criticism
Ananya Chatterjea 2011 Creative Arts Choreography