Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Kate Wheeler 1998 Creative Arts Fiction
Owen Howard Wheeler 1964 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Scott Wheeler 1988 Creative Arts Music Composition
Susan Wheeler 1999 Creative Arts Poetry
Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin 1947 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Donald F. Wheelock 1974 Creative Arts Music Composition
Donald F. Wheelock 1984 Creative Arts Music Composition
Jeff Wheelwright 2009 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
George Willard Wheland 1936 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Jeff Whetstone 2007 Creative Arts Photography
Nathan Laselle Whetten 1952 Social Sciences Sociology
John Roy Whinnery 1958 Natural Sciences Engineering
Arthur Preston Whitaker 1929 Humanities U.S. History
Arthur Preston Whitaker 1949 Humanities U.S. History
Thomas Wallace Whitaker 1946 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Thomas Wallace Whitaker 1958 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Virgil Keeble Whitaker 1969 Humanities English Literature
Barbara White 2003 Creative Arts Music Composition
Brian White 1999 Natural Sciences Mathematics
David Gordon White 2007 Humanities Religion
Deborah Gray White 2009 Humanities United States History
Edmund White 1983 Creative Arts Fiction
Emil Henry White 1958 Natural Sciences Chemistry