Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Sterling Chaykin 1966 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Bernard Chazelle 1994 Natural Sciences Computer Science
Jeff Cheeger 1984 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Mark A. Cheetham 1994 Humanities Fine Arts Research
John Cheever 1951 Creative Arts Fiction
John Cheever 1960 Creative Arts Fiction
Susan Cheever 1984 Creative Arts Biography
Brian R. Cheffins 2002 Social Sciences Law
Sergio Chejfec 2001 Creative Arts Fiction
Anwar G. Chejne 1979 Humanities Near Eastern Studies
Vernon H. Cheldelin 1956 Natural Sciences Chemistry
James R. Chelikowsky 1995 Natural Sciences Engineering
Gang Chen 2002 Natural Sciences Engineering
Kenneth K. Chen 1964 Humanities East Asian Studies
Long-Qing Chen 2005 Natural Sciences Engineering
Matthew Y. Chen 1974 Humanities Linguistics
Min Chen 1985 Natural Sciences Physics
Phillip Chen 2018 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Shih-Hsiang Chen 1957 Humanities East Asian Studies
Shih-Hui Chen 2000 Creative Arts Music Composition
Philip S. Chen Jr. 1966 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health