Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Helen Truesdell Heath 1959 Humanities English Literature
Jeffrey Gardner Heath 2011 Humanities Linguistics
Shirley Brice Heath 1984 Humanities Linguistics
Herbert Heaton 1931 Humanities Economic History
Anne Hébert 1963 Creative Arts Fiction
Anthony Hecht 1954 Creative Arts Poetry
Anthony Hecht 1959 Creative Arts Poetry
J. Jean Hecht 1957 Humanities British History
Julie Hecht 1998 Creative Arts Fiction
Max K. Hecht 1981 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Sidney M. Hecht 1977 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Susanna B. Hecht 2008 Social Sciences Geography and Environmental Studies
James J. Heckman 1978 Social Sciences Economics
H. Hugh Heclo 1985 Social Sciences Political Science
Kenneth W. Hedberg 1952 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Anne D. Hedeman 2011 Humanities Medieval History
Guy Hedreen 2013 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Jerry L. Hedrick 1971 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Alan J. Heeger 1968 Natural Sciences Physics
Michael Heffley 2006 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Ray L. Heffner 1959 Humanities English Literature