Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Joanna Picciotto 2013 Humanities English Literature
Juan Pedro Picena 1939 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Eran Pichersky 2015 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Claude Pichois 1978 Humanities French Literature
Marcelo Pichon Rivière 2003 Creative Arts Fiction
Robert Pick 1945 Creative Arts Fiction
Barbara G. Pickard 1974 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Tobias Picker 1981 Creative Arts Music Composition
Andrew Pickering 1997 Humanities Intellectual and Cultural History
Mimi Pickering 1993 Creative Arts Video & Audio
Arthur Carl Piepkorn 1958 Religion
Bessie Louise Pierce 1955 Humanities U.S. History
Bessie Louise Pierce 1957 Humanities U.S. History
John Grissim Pierce 1960 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
John Grissim Pierce 1975 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Leighton Pierce 1999 Creative Arts Film
Niles Pierce 2014 Natural Sciences Engineering
Richard Austin Pierce 1965 Russian History
Raúl Alberto Piérola 1942 Humanities Philosophy
Claudia Roth Pierpont 1999 Humanities Dance Studies
Janet B. Pierrehumbert 1996 Humanities Linguistics
Raymond T. Pierrehumbert 1996 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics