Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Frank H. Dickey 1950 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Franklin Miller Dickey 1957 Humanities Renaissance History
James Dickey 1961 Creative Arts Poetry
George T. Dickie 1978 Humanities Philosophy
Patsy S. Dickinson 1999 Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Robert Eric Dickinson 1957 Social Sciences Geography and Environmental Studies
William R. Dickinson 1964 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Matthew Dickman 2015 Creative Arts Poetry
Frank W. Dickson 1962 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Morris Dickstein 1973 Humanities American Literature
Philip-Lorca diCorcia 1987 Creative Arts Photography
Francis X. Diebold 2003 Social Sciences Economics
Herbert Dieckmann 1948 Humanities French Literature
Herbert Dieckmann 1951 Humanities French Literature
Liselotte Dieckmann 1955 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature
Barbara B. Diefendorf 1997 Humanities French History
Daniel Diermeier 2014 Social Sciences Political Science
Tamar Diesendruck 1999 Creative Arts Music Composition
Robert R. Dieterle 1928 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Frederick C. Dietz 1927 Humanities British History
Kathrine Koller Diez 1952 Humanities Medieval Literature