Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Anne Wilkes Tucker 1983 Creative Arts Photography
Gregory Tucker 1957 Creative Arts Music Composition
John M. Tucker 1955 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Pamela Avril Tucker 1989 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Robert C. Tucker 1968 Humanities Russian History
William Tucker 1980 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Rafael Tufiño 1954 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Edward R. Tufte 1976 Social Sciences Political Science
Fatimah Tuggar 2019 Creative Arts Fine Arts
John W. Tukey 1949 Natural Sciences Statistics
Shripad Tuljapurkar 1998 Natural Sciences Statistics
John C. Tully 2005 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Endel Tulving 1987 Social Sciences Psychology
Melvin M. Tumin 1969 Social Sciences Sociology
Ka-Kit Tung 1985 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Christopher Tunnard 1950 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Carlos Tünnermann Bernheim 1973 Social Sciences Education
Carlos Tünnermann Bernheim 1989 Social Sciences Education
Colin M. Turbayne 1965 Humanities Philosophy
Peter Turchi 2005 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Donald L. Turcotte 1972 Natural Sciences Earth Science