Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Minor White 1970 Creative Arts Photography
Morton Gabriel White 1949 Humanities Philosophy
Nicholas P. White 1977 Humanities Philosophy
Randall K. White 1988 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Richard White 1983 Humanities U.S. History
Richard Manning White 1968 Natural Sciences Engineering
Robert Lee White 1969 Natural Sciences Physics
Robert Lee White 1977 Natural Sciences Physics
Stephen D. White 1996 Humanities Medieval History
Thomas Taylor White 1964 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Tommy White 2007 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Walter White 1927 Creative Arts Fiction
Wendel A. White 2003 Creative Arts Photography
Harold Whitehall 1939 Humanities Linguistics
Richard Ernest Whitehall 1971 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Colson Whitehead 2013 Creative Arts Fiction
George W. Whitehead 1955 Natural Sciences Mathematics
James T. Whitehead 1972 Creative Arts Fiction
John A. Whitehead 1982 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Arthur Henry Whiteley 1954 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Noah Whiteman 2020 Natural Sciences Biochemistry and Molecular Biology