Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Barbara B. Diefendorf 1997 Humanities French History
Daniel Diermeier 2014 Social Sciences Political Science
Tamar Diesendruck 1999 Creative Arts Music Composition
Robert R. Dieterle 1928 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Frederick C. Dietz 1927 Humanities British History
Kathrine Koller Diez 1952 Humanities Medieval Literature
Deborah Digges 1988 Humanities Poetry
John P. Diggins 1975 Humanities U.S. History
Elizabeth Diggs 1988 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Antonio P. L. Digilio 1947 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
David L. Dilcher 1972 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
David L. Dilcher 1987 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Laddie John Dill 1979 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Lesley Dill 2017 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Annie Dillard 1985 Humanities General Nonfiction
Tom D. Dillehay 2001 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Angela Diller 1953 Humanities Music Research
Aubrey Diller 1950 Social Sciences Classics
William B. Dillingham 1982 Humanities American Literature
George Dillon 1932 Creative Arts Poetry
George Dillon 1933 Creative Arts Poetry
Joseph Francis Dillon 1966 Physics