Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Robert L. Scott 1954 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Ronald F. Scott 1972 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Virginia P. Scott 1983 Humanities Theatre Arts
Ira O. Scott Jr. 1961 Social Sciences Economics
Arthur H. Scouten 1954 Humanities English Literature
Nicholas Z. Scoville 1981 Natural Sciences Astronomy and Astrophysics
Warren C. Scoville 1948 Social Sciences Economics
Warren C. Scoville 1955 Social Sciences Economics
Robert Oliver Scow 1954 Medicine and Health
Robert L. Scranton 1953 Humanities Classics
L. E. Scriven 1969 Natural Sciences Engineering
Michael Scrivener 2007 Humanities English Literature
Thayer Scudder 1975 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Townsend Scudder III 1943 Humanities U.S. History
Andrew Scull 1981 Social Sciences Sociology
James Scully 1973 Creative Arts Poetry
Marlan O. Scully 1970 Natural Sciences Physics
Sean Scully 1983 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Gustavo E. Scuseria 2003 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Paul Seabury 1961 Social Sciences Political Science
Allan Seager 1965 Creative Arts Biography