Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Francis James Whitfield 1964 Humanities Linguistics
Bartlett Jere Whiting 1960 Humanities Medieval Literature
Alvin Whitley 1957 Humanities English Literature
Cedric Hubbell Whitman 1961 Humanities Classics
Cedric Hubbell Whitman 1976 Humanities Classics
James Q. Whitman 2010 Social Sciences Law
Robert Whitman 1976 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Charles A. Whitney 1971 Natural Sciences Astronomy and Astrophysics
John Hales Whitney 1947 Creative Arts Film
John Hales Whitney 1948 Creative Arts Film
Lois Whitney 1929 Humanities English Literature
Stanley Whitney 1996 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Reed Whittemore 1974 Humanities American Literature
Jack Whitten 1976 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Norman E. Whitten 1976 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Charles Whittenberg 1963 Creative Arts Music Composition
Charles Whittenberg 1964 Creative Arts Music Composition
Harry Blackmore Whittington 1956 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Gordon Thomas Whyburn 1929 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Kenneth Berle Wiberg 1961 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Harry Wickey 1939 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Harry Wickey 1940 Creative Arts Fine Arts
William Tobey Wickner 1982 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
David Vernon Widder 1935 Natural Sciences Mathematics