Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Georges May 1950 Humanities French Literature
Georges May 1984 Humanities French Literature
Gita May 1964 Humanities French Literature
Henry May 1970 Creative Arts Theatre Arts
Joseph A. May 1971 Social Sciences Geography and Environmental Studies
Juliana F. May 2016 Creative Arts Choreography
William F. May 1978 Humanities Religion
David Maybury-Lewis 1986 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Arno J. Mayer 1967 Humanities German and East European History
Bernadette Mayer 2015 Creative Arts Poetry
Enrique Mayer 1995 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Jane Mayer 2008 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Kurt B. Mayer 1963 Social Sciences Sociology
Ralph Mayer 1952 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Tom Mayer 1966 Creative Arts Fiction
William R. Mayer 1965 Creative Arts Music Composition
David Mayer III 1966 Humanities Theatre Arts
Elaine Mayes 1991 Creative Arts Photography
David R. Mayhew 1978 Social Sciences Political Science
John R. Maynard 1980 Humanities English Literature
Donald M. Maynard Jr. 1964 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology