Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Lawrence L. Widdoes 1998 Creative Arts Music Composition
Christopher C. Widnell 1986 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Benjamin Widom 1961 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Benjamin Widom 1968 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Harold Widom 1967 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Harold Widom 1972 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Jennifer Widom 2000 Natural Sciences Computer Science
Robert Huddleston Wiebe 1981 Humanities U.S. History
Carl Edwin Wieman 1990 Natural Sciences Physics
Matthew Immanuel Wiencke 1956 Humanities Classics
Alan Wiener 2001 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Daniel Wiener 2012 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Frederick Bernays Wiener 1962 Social Sciences Law
Martin J. Wiener 2005 Humanities British History
Nina Diana Wiener 1982 Creative Arts Choreography
Norbert Wiener 1926 Natural Sciences Mathematics
John Joseph Wieners 1985 Creative Arts Poetry
Herold Jacob Wiens 1961 Social Sciences Geography and Environmental Studies
Allen Wier 1979 Creative Arts Fiction
Dara Wier 1991 Creative Arts Poetry
Cornelis Adrianus Ge Wiersma 1956 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Wolfgang Lothar Wiese 1966 Natural Sciences Physics