Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Gregory Fraser 2015 Creative Arts Poetry
Kathleen Fraser 1980 Creative Arts Poetry
Kennedy Fraser 1983 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Murray J. Fraser 1981 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Russell A. Fraser 1973 Humanities English Literature
Hans Frauenfelder 1958 Natural Sciences Physics
Hans Frauenfelder 1972 Natural Sciences Physics
Steven Frautschi 1971 Natural Sciences Physics
William R. Frazer 1972 Natural Sciences Physics
Alison Frazier 2005 Humanities Bibliography
E. Franklin Frazier 1940 Social Sciences Sociology
LaToya Frazier 2014 Creative Arts Photography
John Freccero 1971 Humanities Medieval Literature
Michael Frede 1981 Humanities Philosophy
William E. Fredeman 1965 Humanities English Literature
William E. Fredeman 1971 Humanities English Literature
David Fredenthal 1938 Creative Arts Fine Arts
David Fredenthal 1939 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Hans Pieter Roetert Frederikse 1961 Natural Sciences Physics
Svend Frederiksen 1957 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Svend Frederiksen 1958 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
George M. Fredrickson 1967 Humanities U.S. History
Daniel S. Freed 2002 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Jack H. Freed 1984 Natural Sciences Physics