Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Frans Wildenhain 1958 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Bryan Hobson Wildenthal 1976 Natural Sciences Physics
Claud Kern Wildenthal 1975 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Alec Wilder 1980 Creative Arts Music Composition
Amos Niven Wilder 1958 Humanities Religion
Hilary Wilder 2006 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Raymond Louis Wilder 1940 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Faith Wilding 2009 Creative Arts Fine Arts
William Cooper Wildman 1960 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Alfred Lawrence Wilds 1955 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Amy Wilentz 2020 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Sean Wilentz 1990 Humanities U.S. History
Andrew John Wiles 1985 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Lawrence Wilets 1975 Natural Sciences Physics
Bell Irvin Wiley 1957 Humanities U.S. History
Roland John Wiley 1984 Humanities Dance Studies
William T. Wiley 2004 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Herbert S. Wilf 1973 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Donald Knight Wilgus 1957 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Henry G. Wilhelm 1981 Humanities Photography Studies