Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Robert H. Abzug 2000 Humanities U.S. History
Jorge Accame 2006 Creative Arts Fiction
Vito Acconci 1979 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Juan Accorinti 1964 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Jorge Mario Aceituno Moreno 2003 Creative Arts Photography
Jorge Aceves 1969 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Gerard Aching 2003 Humanities Latin American Literature
Peter Achinstein 1965 Humanities Philosophy
Luciana Achugar 2013 Creative Arts Choreography
Mariana Achugar 2009 Social Sciences Education
André Aciman 1997 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
S. Spafford Ackerly 1958 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Bruce Arnold Ackerman 1985 Social Sciences Law
Diane Ackerman 2003 Natural Sciences Science Writing
James S. Ackerman 1992 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Robert Neal Ackerman 1982 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Robert Ackermann 1968 Humanities Philosophy
Gary K. Ackers 1972 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Len Ackland 2008 Natural Sciences Science Writing
Martha Ackmann 2008 Creative Arts General Nonfiction