Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Wilson H. Tang 1975 Natural Sciences Engineering
Timothy R. Tangherlini 2003 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Frank Tannenbaum 1932 Humanities Iberian and Latin American History
Frank Tannenbaum 1934 Humanities Iberian and Latin American History
Leslie Tannenbaum 1982 Humanities English Literature
Libby Tannenbaum 1952 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Pam Tanowitz 2011 Creative Arts Choreography
G. Thomas Tanselle 1969 Humanities Bibliography
Gardner B. Taplin 1958 Humanities American Literature
Robert Taplin 2003 Creative Arts Fine Arts
A. L. Tappel 1965 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Murad S. Taqqu 1987 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Alexey Puig Taran 2007 Creative Arts Choreography
Leonardo Tarán 1975 Humanities Classics
Dean Stanley Tarbell 1945 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Dean Stanley Tarbell 1961 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Eva Tardos 1999 Natural Sciences Computer Science
John A. Tarduno 2006 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Ramie Targoff 2012 Humanities Medieval and Renaissance Literature
Robert E. Tarjan 1978 Natural Sciences Computer Science
Mary Lightfoot Tarleton 1933 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Vahid Tarokh 2011 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics