Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Steven Hahn 1989 Humanities U.S. History
Susan Hahn 2003 Creative Arts Poetry
Peter Haidu 1995 Humanities Medieval Literature
Alexei Haieff 1946 Creative Arts Music Composition
Alexei Haieff 1949 Creative Arts Music Composition
Robert L. Haig Jr. 1960 Humanities English Literature
Jennifer Haigh 2018 Creative Arts Fiction
Gordon S. Haight 1946 Humanities English Literature
Gordon S. Haight 1953 Humanities English Literature
Gordon S. Haight 1960 Humanities English Literature
Joanna Haigood 1997 Creative Arts Choreography
Charlie Hailey 2018 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
John Haiman 1989 Humanities Linguistics
Leopold H. Haimson 1959 Humanities Russian History
Edmund Thomas Haines 1956 Creative Arts Music Composition
Edmund Thomas Haines 1957 Creative Arts Music Composition
John Haines 1965 Creative Arts Poetry
John Haines 1984 Creative Arts Poetry
Mason Haire 1956 Social Sciences Psychology
Marshall M. Haith 1978 Social Sciences Psychology
Bruce Hajek 1992 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Mohammad T. Hajiaghayi 2019 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Roya Hakakian 2008 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Seymour P. Halbert 1956 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Charles A. Hale 1973 Humanities Latin American History