Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Norman Page 1979 Humanities English Literature
Scott E. Page 2013 Social Sciences Political Science
Elaine H. Pagels 1978 Humanities Religion
Antonio Pagés Larraya 1962 Humanities Latin American Literature
Horacio Paglione 2003 Humanities Iberian and Latin American History
Shih-I Pai 1957 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Nicholas D. Paige 2015 Humanities European and Latin American Literature
Nam June Paik 1977 Creative Arts Video & Audio
Robert T. Paine 1981 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Roxy Paine 2006 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Nell Irvin Painter 1981 Humanities U.S. History
Abraham Pais 1960 Natural Sciences Physics
Eliseo Morales Pajaro 1959 Creative Arts Music Composition
Margarita Paksa 2004 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Irma Palacios Flores 1986 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Raúl Palacios von Helms 1939 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Raúl Palacios von Helms 1940 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Sanford L. Palay 1971 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Euzhan Palcy 1994 Creative Arts Film
Krishna V. Palem 2015 Natural Sciences Computer Science
Vicente Palermo 2006 Social Sciences Political Science