Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Max Aub 1966 Creative Arts Fiction
Max Aub 1968 Creative Arts Fiction
Max Aub 1971 Creative Arts Fiction
Pierre Aubery 1964 Humanities French Literature
David Auburn 2000 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
W. H. Auden 1942 Creative Arts Poetry
Peter L. Auer 1960 Natural Sciences Physics
Jerold S. Auerbach 1974 Humanities U.S. History
Nina Auerbach 1979 Humanities English Literature
Robert Auerbach 1967 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
William Auerbach-Levy 1928 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Patricia Aufderheide 1994 Humanities Film, Video and Radio Studies
J. Thomas August 1971 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Donald L. Augustine 1956 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Warren O. Ault 1926 Humanities Medieval History
Bruce A. Aune 1963 Humanities Philosophy
Juan Manuel Aurrecoechea Hernán 2009 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Louis Auslander 1971 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Maurice Auslander 1978 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Karl T. Aust 1962 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Lyn Austin 1990 Humanities Theatre Arts
Norman Austin 1974 Humanities Classics