Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Fred M. Donner 2007 Humanities Religion
Elizabeth Story Donno 1963 Humanities English Literature
Elizabeth Story Donno 1979 Humanities English Literature
William F. Donoghue Jr. 1958 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Jerry Donohue 1952 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Kathleen Donohue 2013 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Alfredo Osvaldo Donoso 1988 Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Ephraim Donoso 1951 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Ephraim Donoso 1952 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
José Donoso 1968 Creative Arts Fiction
José Donoso 1973 Creative Arts Fiction
Miguel Donoso Pareja 1985 Creative Arts Fiction
Dru Donovan 2016 Creative Arts Photography
Leonard W. Doob 1960 Social Sciences Psychology
Penelope Billings Reed Doob 1974 Humanities Medieval Literature
Margaret Anne Doody 1978 Humanities English Literature
James Doolin 1980 Creative Arts Fine Arts
James Doolittle 1965 Humanities French Literature
Russell F. Doolittle 1984 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
W. Ford Doolittle 1985 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
William Doppmann 1987 Creative Arts Music Composition
Madeleine Doran 1967 Humanities English Literature
Adolfo Dorfman 1943 Natural Sciences Economics
Adolfo Dorfman 1944 Natural Sciences Economics