Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Michael Roemer 1971 Creative Arts Film
Gabriela Roepke Bahamonde 1966 Humanities Theatre Arts
Edward H. Roesner 1986 Humanities Music Research
Theodore Roethke 1945 Creative Arts Poetry
Theodore Roethke 1950 Creative Arts Poetry
William R. Roff 1972 Humanities East Asian Studies
Mercedes Roffé 2001 Creative Arts Poetry
Ruth Rogaski 2005 Humanities History of Science and Technology
Hanneline Røgeberg 1999 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Art Rogers 1986 Creative Arts Photography
Bernard Rogers 1927 Creative Arts Music Composition
Bernard Rogers 1928 Creative Arts Music Composition
Charles E. Rogers 1955 Humanities Theatre Arts
J. T. Rogers 2012 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
John A. Rogers 2021 Natural Sciences Engineering
Max T. Rogers 1954 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Pattiann Rogers 1984 Creative Arts Poetry
Peter P. Rogers 1972 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Richard P. Rogers 1977 Creative Arts Film
Robert W. Rogers 1957 Humanities English Literature
Thomas Rogers 1969 Creative Arts Fiction
Wendy Rogers 1988 Creative Arts Choreography