Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Robert L. Politzer 1956 Humanities Linguistics
William R. Polk 1961 Humanities Near Eastern Studies
Jerome Pollack 1971 Social Sciences Economics
Norman Pollack 1968 Humanities U.S. History
Robert E. Pollack 1993 Natural Sciences Science Writing
Robert A. Pollak 1999 Social Sciences Economics
Thomas D. Pollard 1984 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Joseph Pollet 1931 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Burton R. Pollin 1973 Humanities American Literature
John Pollini 2006 Humanities Classics
Katha Pollitt 1987 Creative Arts Poetry
Charles Pollock 1967 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Donald Ray Pollock 2012 Creative Arts Fiction
Robert Pollock 1973 Creative Arts Music Composition
Nelson W. Polsby 1977 Social Sciences Political Science
Nelson W. Polsby 1985 Social Sciences Political Science
John Polt 1973 Humanities Spanish and Portuguese Literature
Nicholas Polunin 1950 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Nicholas Polunin 1951 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Stephen Polyak 1950 Medicine and Health
Américo Pomales-Lebrón 1954 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Américo Pomales-Lebrón 1963 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Eleo Pomare 1972 Creative Arts Choreography