Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Harold C. Fritts 1968 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Harry W. Fritts Jr. 1959 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Irving B. Fritz 1978 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
James J. Fritz 1961 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Peter Fritzsche 1999 Humanities Intellectual and Cultural History
Robin Frohardt 2018 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Vincent S. Frohne 1966 Creative Arts Music Composition
Chris Fromme 2016 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Risieri Frondizi 1974 Humanities Philosophy
David Froom 2003 Creative Arts Music Composition
David C. Frost 1980 Natural Sciences Chemistry
William Frost 1958 Humanities English Literature
William Frost 1979 Humanities English Literature
Christine Froula 1990 Humanities Literary Criticism
Joseph S. Fruton 1983 Humanities History of Science and Technology
Edward F. Fry 1972 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Frederick Ernest Joseph Fry 1959 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Gladys-Marie Fry 1995 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
William F. Fry 1956 Natural Sciences Physics
Northrop Frye 1950 Humanities English Literature
Richard N. Frye 1951 Humanities Near Eastern Studies
Richard N. Frye 1975 Humanities Near Eastern Studies