Fellow Year Category Field of Study
William Frost 1958 Humanities English Literature
William Frost 1979 Humanities English Literature
Christine Froula 1990 Humanities Literary Criticism
Joseph S. Fruton 1983 Humanities History of Science and Technology
Edward F. Fry 1972 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Frederick Ernest Joseph Fry 1959 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Gladys-Marie Fry 1995 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
William F. Fry 1956 Natural Sciences Physics
Northrop Frye 1950 Humanities English Literature
Richard N. Frye 1951 Humanities Near Eastern Studies
Richard N. Frye 1975 Humanities Near Eastern Studies
Roland M. Frye 1956 Humanities English Literature
Roland M. Frye 1973 Humanities English Literature
Robert Eric Frykenberg 1968 Humanities British History
Fritiof Fryxell 1954 Natural Sciences Earth Science
King-sun Fu 1971 Natural Sciences Computer Science
Victoria Fu 2015 Creative Arts Film - Video
Barbara Fuchs 2006 Humanities Spanish and Portuguese Literature
Wolfgang H. Fuchs 1956 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Drew Fudenberg 1990 Social Sciences Economics
John Fuegi 1984 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature
Eduardo R. Fuentes 1992 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Rosana Fuertes 1996 Creative Arts Fine Arts