Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Olly W. Wilson 1971 Creative Arts Music Composition
Olly W. Wilson 1977 Creative Arts Music Composition
Perry William Wilson 1936 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Reggie Wilson 2002 Creative Arts Choreography
Richard Wilson 1960 Natural Sciences Physics
Richard Wilson 1968 Natural Sciences Physics
Richard Wilson 1992 Creative Arts Music Composition
Richard Guy Wilson 1984 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Robert B. Wilson 1982 Social Sciences Economics
Robert M. Wilson 1971 Creative Arts Choreography
Robert M. Wilson 1980 Creative Arts Choreography
Robert Rathbun Wilson 1961 Natural Sciences Physics
Robert W. Wilson 1956 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Robley Wilson 1983 Creative Arts Fiction
Theodore Allen Wilson 1972 Humanities U.S. History
Walter LeRoy Wilson 1957 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
William E. Wilson 1945 Creative Arts Fiction
William Jerome Wilson 1927 Humanities Classics
Pamela Wilson-Ryckman 2009 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Fred Huffman Wilt 1975 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Charles Maurice Wiltse 1949 Humanities U.S. History
Charles Maurice Wiltse 1950 Humanities U.S. History
Christian Wiman 2012 Creative Arts Poetry
James Irving Wimsatt 1981 Humanities Medieval Literature