Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Margaret H. Fulford 1941 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Robert D. Fulk 2013 Humanities Linguistics
Charles Fuller 1977 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Henry Shepard Fuller 1948 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
John L. Fuller 1955 Social Sciences Psychology
Randall Fuller 2014 Humanities American Literature
Sue Fuller 1948 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Robert E. Fullerton 1958 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Ellen Fullman 2020 Creative Arts Music Composition
June Z. Fullmer 1963 Humanities History of Science and Technology
David Fulmer 2016 Creative Arts Music Composition
Alice Fulton 1986 Creative Arts Poetry
Rachel Fulton 2008 Humanities Religion
Thomas Fulton 1964 Natural Sciences Physics
William Fulton 1980 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Dave Fultz 1950 Natural Sciences Astronomy and Astrophysics
Patricia Fumerton 1997 Humanities English Literature
Victoria Funari 2001 Creative Arts Film
Vivian Fung 2012 Creative Arts Music Composition
Yuan-Cheng Fung 1958 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics