Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Susan Jacoby 1986 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Rachel Jacoff 1991 Humanities Medieval Literature
Jerald W. Jacquard 1972 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Yvonne Jacquette 1997 Creative Arts Fine Arts
C. Stephen Jaeger 1984 Humanities Medieval Literature
Hans Jaeger 1960 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature
Harry V. Jaffa 1961 Social Sciences Political Science
Alexandra Jaffe 2004 Humanities Linguistics
Arthur M. Jaffe 1977 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Arthur M. Jaffe 1991 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Stephen A. Jaffe 1984 Creative Arts Music Composition
William Jaffé 1956 Social Sciences Economics
Gillian Jagger 1983 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Patrick Jagoda 2020 Humanities Film and Video
Beatriz Jaguaribe 2004 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Guillermo Jaim-Etcheverry 1977 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Anil Kumar Jain 2001 Natural Sciences Engineering
Jainendra K. Jain 1996 Natural Sciences Physics
Lochlann Jain 2021 Humanities History of Science, Technology and Economics
Rakesh K. Jain 1983 Natural Sciences Engineering
Subodh K. Jain 1971 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences