Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Robert W. Irwin 1976 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Terence Irwin 1997 Humanities Philosophy
Erich Isaac 1963 Social Sciences Geography and Environmental Studies
Glynn L. Isaac 1975 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Allen F. Isaacman 1997 Humanities African Studies
Harold R. Isaacs 1950 Humanities East Asian Studies
David Isay 1994 Creative Arts Video & Audio
Lewis Iselin 1951 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Jim Isermann 2001 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Robert A. Israel 1984 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Charles Israels 1978 Creative Arts Music Composition
Charles Issawi 1961 Humanities Economic History
Charles Issawi 1968 Humanities Economic History
Ana Istarú 1990 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Michiko Itatani 1990 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Miyoko Ito 1977 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Graciela Iturbide 1988 Creative Arts Photography
Torben Iversen 2008 Social Sciences Political Science
Peter Iverson 1999 Humanities U.S. History
David Ives 1995 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Edward D. Ives 1965 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture