Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Chico MacMurtrie 2016 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Ian R. Macneil 1978 Social Sciences Law
Wendy Snyder MacNeil 1973 Creative Arts Photography
Richard Stockton MacNeish 1954 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Medrie MacPhee 2009 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Edith K. MacRae 1964 Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Roy C. Macridis 1971 Social Sciences Political Science
Frank MacShane 1974 Creative Arts Biography
Cynthia Madansky 2017 Creative Arts Film - Video
Leon Madansky 1974 Natural Sciences Physics
Thomas F. Madden 2012 Humanities Medieval and Renaissance History
Arthur J. Madden Jr. 1956 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Wilferd Madelung 1972 Humanities Near Eastern Studies
Cristina Magaldi 1996 Humanities Music Research
Marcos Magalhães 2002 Creative Arts Film
Quinto Maganini 1928 Creative Arts Music Composition
Quinto Maganini 1929 Creative Arts Music Composition
Boris Magasanik 1957 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Philip Magdalany 1975 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Donal F. Magee 1959 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Robert C. Maggio 1998 Creative Arts Music Composition