Fellow Year Category Field of Study
William H. Pritchard 1973 Humanities English Literature
William Kendrick Pritchett 1951 Humanities Classics
William Kendrick Pritchett 1955 Humanities Classics
Omeljan Pritsak 1963 Humanities East Asian Studies
Ronald F. Probstein 1960 Natural Sciences Engineering
Ariel D. Procaccia 2018 Natural Sciences Computer Science
George Prochnik 2021 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Robert N. Proctor 2003 Humanities History of Science and Technology
Ronald J. Prokopy 1982 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Frederic Prokosch 1937 Creative Arts Fiction
João Bosco Prolla 1984 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Sally M. Promey 2005 Humanities Religion
Leonard C. Pronko 1963 Humanities French Literature
Francine Prose 1991 Creative Arts Fiction
Johannes Max Proskauer 1954 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Clifford Ladd Prosser 1963 Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Donald R. Prothero 1988 Natural Sciences Earth Science
William M. Protheroe 1966 Natural Sciences Astronomy and Astrophysics
Malcolm J. Proudfoot 1954 Social Sciences Sociology
Annie Proulx 1992 Creative Arts Fiction
William B. Provine 1984 Social Sciences History of Science and Technology