Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Nora Krug 2013 Creative Arts Fine Arts
William C. Krumbein 1941 Natural Sciences Earth Science
John D. Krumboltz 1967 Social Sciences Education
Carol L. Krumhansl 2002 Social Sciences Psychology
James A. Krumhansl 1959 Natural Sciences Physics
D. W. Krummel 1976 Humanities Music Research
Arnold Krupat 2005 Humanities American Literature
Kevin M. Kruse 2019 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Nicholas Krushenick 1967 Creative Arts Fine Arts
William H. Kruskal 1979 Natural Sciences Statistics
Joseph Wood Krutch 1930 Humanities Literary Criticism
Thomas A. Kselman 1989 Humanities French History
Teh-Lung Ku 1983 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Gail T. Kubik 1944 Creative Arts Music Composition
Gail T. Kubik 1965 Creative Arts Music Composition
Ladislav Kubik 2010 Creative Arts Music Composition
George Kubler 1943 Humanities Fine Arts Research
George Kubler 1952 Humanities Fine Arts Research
George Kubler 1956 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Irene S. Kubota 1969 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Shigeko Kubota 1987 Creative Arts Video & Audio
Michael Kubovy 2001 Social Sciences Psychology
David C. Kubrin 1969 Humanities History of Science and Technology