Fellow Year Category Field of Study
James Longenbach 1995 Humanities American Literature
Vincent Longo 1971 Creative Arts Fine Arts
R. M. Longyear 1971 Humanities Music Research
Lars Lönnroth 1971 Humanities Medieval Literature
Albert J. Loomie, S.J. 1965 Humanities British History
Grant Loomis 1945 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Lynn H. Loomis 1959 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Wheeler Loomis 1928 Natural Sciences Physics
Gerhard Loose 1963 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature
Devoney Looser 2018 Humanities English Literature
Phillip Lopate 1988 Creative Arts Fiction
Nikolai Lopatnikoff 1945 Creative Arts Music Composition
Nikolai Lopatnikoff 1953 Creative Arts Music Composition
Juan M. Lope-Blanch 1985 Humanities Linguistics
Dominic McIver Lopes 2015 Humanities Philosophy
Barry Lopez 1987 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Cecilio Lopez 1946 Humanities Linguistics
Claudia A. Lopez 1974 Humanities U.S. History
Michelle Lopez 2019 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Robert S. Lopez 1948 Humanities Economic History
Robert S. Lopez 1951 Humanities Economic History
Alfredo López Austin 1976 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies