Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Leo A. Loubère 1963 Humanities French History
Reagan Louie 1988 Creative Arts Photography
Steven G. Louie 1989 Natural Sciences Physics
Murray Louis 1969 Creative Arts Choreography
Murray Louis 1973 Creative Arts Choreography
William R. Louis 1979 Humanities U.S. History
Alicia Lourteig 1951 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Alicia Lourteig 1952 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Glenn C. Loury 1985 Social Sciences Economics
O. Ivar Lövaas 1968 Social Sciences Psychology
Askell Löve 1963 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Edward A. Love 1987 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Joseph L. Love 1989 Humanities Economic History
John W. Love Jr. 2017 Creative Arts Fine Arts
David S. Lovejoy 1967 Humanities U.S. History
Margot Lovejoy 1987 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Earl Lovelace 1980 Creative Arts Fiction
Richard V. E. Lovelace 1989 Natural Sciences Astronomy and Astrophysics
Margaretta M. Lovell 2007 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Arthur Loveridge 1933 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Arthur Loveridge 1938 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Clara M. Lovett 1978 Humanities Italian Literature
Robin W. Lovin 1987 Humanities Religion