Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Billy Woodberry 2017 Creative Arts Film - Video
Linda Woodbridge 2008 Humanities English Literature
Leonard Ernest Woodbury 1956 Humanities Classics
Robert Smith Woodbury 1962 Humanities History of Science and Technology
George Woodcock 1951 Creative Arts Biography
Walter Lincoln Woodfill 1955 Humanities Music Research
Michael Woodford 1998 Social Sciences Economics
Arthur S.P. Woodhouse 1942 Humanities English Literature
Martha Woodmansee 1999 Humanities Literary Criticism
James Leslie Woodress 1956 Humanities American Literature
Carl Woodring 1955 Humanities English Literature
Jay Walter Woodrow 1927 Natural Sciences Physics
Teresa K. Woodruff 2017 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
William Woods 1948 Creative Arts Fiction
Alexander Woodside 1984 Humanities East Asian Studies
Michael T. Woodside 2018 Natural Sciences Physics
Arthur E. Woodward 1962 Natural Sciences Chemistry
C. Vann Woodward 1945 Humanities U.S. History
C. Vann Woodward 1959 Humanities U.S. History
David Woodward 1977 Social Sciences Geography and Environmental Studies
William M. Woodward 1954 Natural Sciences Physics