Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Hsiang-Tsung Kung 1983 Natural Sciences Computer Science
Stanley Kunitz 1945 Creative Arts Poetry
Yasuo Kuniyoshi 1935 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Wulf B. Kunkel 1955 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Wulf B. Kunkel 1972 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Susumu Kuno 1977 Humanities Linguistics
Roger E. Kuntz 1956 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Hari Kunzru 2014 Creative Arts Fiction
Hilda Kuper 1969 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Meyer Kupferman 1974 Creative Arts Music Composition
Karen Ordahl Kupperman 2003 Humanities U.S. History
Aron Kuppermann 1976 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Ted N. Kurahara 1984 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Timur Kuran 2004 Humanities Economic History
Masatake Kuranishi 1975 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Dieter Kurath 1957 Natural Sciences Physics
Hans Kurath 1944 Humanities Linguistics
Robert F. Kurka 1951 Creative Arts Music Composition
Robert F. Kurka 1952 Creative Arts Music Composition
Philip B. Kurland 1949 Social Sciences Law
Philip B. Kurland 1955 Social Sciences Law
S.-Y. Kuroda 1978 Humanities Linguistics
Glenn Kurtz 2016 Creative Arts General Nonfiction