Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Gordon E. Baker 1968 Social Sciences Political Science
Herschel C. Baker 1956 Humanities Literary Criticism
Herschel C. Baker 1963 Humanities Literary Criticism
Howard Baker 1944 Creative Arts Poetry
Keith M. Baker 1978 Humanities French History
Kevin Baker 2017 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Louis C. W. Baker 1960 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Marshall Baker 1979 Natural Sciences Physics
Nicholson Baker 2018 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Paul T. Baker 1974 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Roger Baker 1953 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Houston A. Baker Jr. 1978 Humanities American Literature
Shaul Bakhash 1984 Humanities Near Eastern Studies
Dean Bakopoulos 2008 Creative Arts Fiction
Edward Bakst 1981 Creative Arts Film
John Balaban 2003 Humanities East Asian Studies
Anna Balakian 1969 Humanities French Literature
Peter Balakian 1999 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Jorge Balán 1976 Social Sciences Sociology
Jacques P. Balansa 1963 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Endre A. Balazs 1968 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health