Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Gina Magid 2003 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Sabina Magliocco 1996 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Oscar Magnan, S.J. 1968 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Bernd Magnus 1981 Humanities Philosophy
Wilhelm Magnus 1968 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Waldo G. Magnuson Jr. 1973 Natural Sciences Computer Science
Francis Peabody Magoun Jr. 1955 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Bassett Maguire 1944 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Janet Maguire 2008 Creative Arts Music Composition
Robert A. Maguire 1969 Humanities Slavic Literature
William Maguire 1981 Creative Arts Photography
L. Mahadevan 2006 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Vicki Mahaffey 1992 Humanities English Literature
Jake Mahaffy 2006 Creative Arts Film
Rudresh Mahanthappa 2007 Creative Arts Music Composition
Arthur Maheux 1954 Humanities British History
Derek Mahon 1995 Creative Arts Poetry
Robert Mahon 1985 Creative Arts Photography
Edward P. Mahoney 1979 Humanities Philosophy
Rosemary Mahoney 2011 Creative Arts General Nonfiction