Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Kevin Young 2003 Creative Arts Poetry
Kimball Young 1951 Social Sciences Sociology
La Monte Young 1966 Creative Arts Music Composition
Lai-Sang Young 1997 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Liz Young 2016 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Marguerite Vivian Young 1948 Creative Arts Fiction
Marilyn B. Young 2000 Humanities East Asian Studies
Merwin Crawford Young 1977 Social Sciences Political Science
Oran R. Young 1968 Social Sciences Political Science
Robert Milton Young 1975 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Roland Young 1958 Social Sciences Political Science
Roland Young 1968 Social Sciences Political Science
Elisabeth Young-Bruehl 1986 Creative Arts Biography
Jack Youngerman 1976 Creative Arts Fine Arts
John William Theodor Youngs 1946 Natural Sciences Mathematics
John A. Yount 1974 Creative Arts Fiction
Herbert Chayyim Youtie 1957 Humanities Classics
Vida Yovanovich 2000 Creative Arts Photography
Thomas J. Ypsilantis 1959 Natural Sciences Physics
Ricardo Yrarrázaval 1966 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Anthony C. Yu 1976 Humanities East Asian Studies