Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Anne Lamott 1985 Creative Arts Fiction
Bolívar Lamounier 1982 Social Sciences Political Science
Derek T. A. Lamport 1976 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Franziska Lamprecht 2010 Creative Arts Fine Arts
William Lamson 2014 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Clay Lancaster 1953 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Clay Lancaster 1964 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
H. Darrell Lance 1973 Humanities Religion
Gustave Lanctot 1956 Humanities British History
Gustave Lanctot 1957 Humanities British History
Aubrey C. Land 1957 Humanities U.S. History
Louis A. Landa 1946 Humanities English Literature
Louis A. Landa 1966 Humanities English Literature
Herbert J. Landar 1967 Humanities Linguistics
Barbara Landau 2009 Social Sciences Psychology
Deborah Landau 2016 Creative Arts Poetry
Jacob Landau 1968 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Martin Landau 1976 Social Sciences Political Science
Susan Landau 2012 Natural Sciences Computer Science
Russell Lande 1996 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Armin Landeck 1953 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Kathya Maria Landeros 2019 Creative Arts Photography
Jane Landers 2013 Humanities European and Latin American History