Fellow Year Category Field of Study
James F. Beard Jr. 1952 Humanities American Literature
James F. Beard Jr. 1958 Humanities American Literature
Keith Bearden 2008 Creative Arts Film
Romare Bearden 1970 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Jeffery Francis Beardsall 1975 Creative Arts Fine Arts
John Beardsley 1996 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Monroe C. Beardsley 1950 Humanities Philosophy
Richard K. Beardsley 1958 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Robert E. Beardsley 1966 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Robert L. Beare 1957 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature
Peter Bearman 2016 Social Sciences Sociology
Richard J. Bearman 1961 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Robert Beaser 1983 Humanities Music Composition
Faith E. Beasley 2012 Humanities European and Latin American Literature
Ann Beattie 1977 Creative Arts Fiction
J. M. Beattie 1987 Humanities British History
Jack J. Beatty 1990 Creative Arts Biography
James J. Beatty 2001 Natural Sciences Astronomy and Astrophysics
Richmond C. Beatty 1940 Creative Arts Biography
Jerome Beaty 1962 Humanities English Literature
Jesse Lee Beauchamp 1976 Natural Sciences Chemistry