Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Sidney T. Guberman 1988 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Michael Gubser 2021 Humanities Intellectual and Cultural History
Steven S. Gubser 2009 Natural Sciences Physics
John Guckenheimer 1983 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Albert Joseph Guerard 1956 Humanities Literary Criticism
Henry Guerlac 1978 Humanities History of Science and Technology
Francisco Guerra 1957 Humanities History of Science and Technology
Lillian Guerra 2014 Humanities European and Latin American Literature
Andrés Guerrero 1986 Social Sciences Sociology
Diana Guerrero-Maciá 2021 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Paul Guest 2011 Creative Arts Poetry
Homero Mario Guglielmini 1931 Humanities Philosophy
Sumit Guha 2008 Humanities South Asian Studies
Ernesto Guhl 1970 Social Sciences Geography and Environmental Studies
Achsah Guibbory 2008 Humanities English Literature
Jacques Guicharnaud 1959 Humanities French Literature
Angel Guido 1932 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Mario E. Guido 2009 Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Victor Guillemin 1988 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Claudio Guillén 1954 Creative Arts Spanish and Portuguese Literature