Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Harold Courlander 1948 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Harold Courlander 1955 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
William J. Courtenay 1979 Humanities Medieval History
Erin Courtney 2013 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Heather Courtney 2014 Creative Arts Film - Video
Alberto Cousté 1976 Creative Arts Fiction
Eduardo Coutinho 2001 Creative Arts Film
Miguel Covarrubias 1933 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Miguel Covarrubias 1940 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Robert M. Cover 1981 Law
Harrison Covington 1963 Fine Arts
Clyde L. Cowan 1957 Natural Sciences Physics
Dwaine O. Cowan 1970 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Ruth Schwartz Cowan 1988 Humanities History of Science and Technology
Henry Cowell 1931 Creative Arts Music Research
Edwin A. Cowen 2004 Natural Sciences Engineering
Alan H. Cowley 1976 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Cindy Cox 2017 Creative Arts Music Composition
Daniel Cox 2004 Natural Sciences Physics
Gary W. Cox 1995 Social Sciences Political Science
James M. Cox 1972 Humanities American Literature
Kevin R. Cox 2000 Social Sciences Geography and Environmental Studies