Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Jorge Guillén 1954 Creative Arts Poetry
Jorge Guillén 1959 Creative Arts Poetry
Mauro F. Guillén 1998 Social Sciences Sociology
James Guillet 1981 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Cao Guimarães 2008 Creative Arts Film
José Henrique Guimarães 1966 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Jaime Guiscafre-Arrillaga 1948 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Zsuzsanna Gulacsi 2016 Humanities Religion
Sonali Gulati 2013 Creative Arts Film - Video
Todd Gulick 2005 Creative Arts Theatre Arts
Germán Gullón 1986 Humanities Spanish and Portuguese Literature
Ricardo Gullón 1969 Humanities Spanish and Portuguese Literature
Emil J. Gumbel 1950 Natural Sciences Statistics
John J. Gumperz 1971 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Richard I. Gumport 1979 Molecular and Cellular Biology
Werner L. Gundersheimer 1974 Humanities Renaissance History
Bill Gunn 1980 Creative Arts Film
Edwin J. Gunn 1978 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Giles B. Gunn 1977 Humanities American Literature
Thom Gunn 1971 Creative Arts Poetry
Tom Gunning 1998 Humanities Film, Video and Radio Studies